Spam: Upgrading Casper

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Personal recommendation from what we saw in our environment. Do not
just run the updates. Back up your JSS and wipe the server clean, I
prefer to zero the drives but that might just be me. Do a clean
install of the server, do an install of the Casper Suite 6.1 then
restore your backup.

We originally upgraded a 10.4 server to 10.5 then upgraded from casper
suite 5 to 6 and ran into a number of issues that JAMF could not
replicate, then we set up a mini environment and tested further there
and found that with clean installs we couldn't replicate the issues
either. Ended up taking a week to take everything down, Main server,
load balancing server, Distribution points. We rebuilt them all and
have been much better off for it, other than the GSX integration which
I'm just starting to look into. Per my previous e-mail.


Dustin Dorey

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