Strange dock behavior for mobile accounts


When a mobile user first logs into a machine, the dock is fine. All happy.
The user logs out and back in, the dock has 3 extra items - all question marks.

If the machine is restarted, the cycle continues - first login after reboot OK, subsequent show the ???.

Why is this happening?
- The question marks represent the three apps: keynote, numbers and pages.
- These apps are NOT installed on the device (the Mac is imaged from a download of OSX, and redistributed to all machines), so this explains why they are question marks, but not why they APPEAR on the dock.

Any ideas?
El Capitan 10.11.4


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Do you have a policy set up for dock items? Do you have those three apps set up as dock items in your JSS? If not, set them up as dock items in the JSS, then create a dock policy and set them to remove.

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Are you modifying the User template?

Those 3 apps I think are in the dock.fixup.plist


@znilsson No dock policy. I guess I could set a policy to remove them... but I would prefer to figure out why they are appearing!

@bentoms Not modifying the User template as far as I'm aware.

Thanks for the replies. It's strange that the dock is OK the first login...
I'm in the process of removing and checking config profiles to see if something is rogue.


Driving me crazy. Upgraded to 10.11.6 just in case. Still a problem.
I can't see where this is coming from!! ARGH :(


Just bringing this up again in case anyone might be able to help.
I do have a call open with Jamf just now but so far we haven't figured out a reason.

Nobody else has this issue?
- AD network accounts logging in.
- Mobility Configuration Profile set to Enable mobile accounts and delete after 0 hours.
- Log in, log out, log in, see problem!