Suggestions for speeding up Self Serve

Contributor II

Hey all,

When we first setup Casper it seemed like Self Serve was pretty nice. As we've rolled out the system, have numerous sites in place (some with slow networks), and lots of policies, many scoped to AD group membership, we're finding the time it takes to log in and browse the list to be vvvveeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy slow. It takes 2 or 3 minutes just to log in and get the initial list, and then we have sorted apps into different categories and it can take a minute to load the new list if you click on one of the categories.

Once you select software to install most of the work is between the client and the local repository, so that's ok.

It seems to me that there is a bottleneck in Self Serve having to communicate with the JSS, that Self Serve isn't utilizing tools like the API, and that there is a real slowness involved in resolving group membership.

Any advice on things I can do to improve the speed here? Lots of our clients give up before it gets logged in.