Unable to boot to Internet Recovery -2003F

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I have a T2 laptop that tries ever so hard to boot to Internet Recovery but eventually throws a -2003F error.

My AASP said that was a wifi error but I have tried wifi as well as ethernet and it never gets there.

Does not seem to be a local recovery partition available....If I try Command R it picks up the wired connection and starts trying to load IR but eventually fails

Computer was in for repair, and this happened after it returned.

Sent it back in but they closed unexpectedly and sent everything back to us.

After paying for repair,  deciding if we should give up and part it out.

Wondering what else would be killing the Recovery boot...

My wifi is good, I have recovered a few others today and it works ok. 




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I irregularly get the same error, and in my experience, it does seem to be more about the quality of the Internet connection than anything else. My belief is that this error means that the boot image did not successfully download. I have had instances of failing to boot to Internet Recovery while on my high-speed, on-campus University network, but it worked fine on my home network.

It's also possible that there are some problems with the internal drive format; maybe your AASP didn't prepare the disk, if this was a repair involving storage or the logic board? 

My suggestions are: 1) connect the device to another device via Target Disk Mode, and erase the volume from the host machine; 2) perform a SMC reset of the device; 3) try another network.