Unable to connect to Macs with Check Point VPN client installed

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I've noticed that after installing the Check Point VPN client on our Macs, I lose most connectivity to the machine, even if I have the user exit out of the client. Specifically, I've noticed I can't use Remote Desktop, nor can I connect via SSH (which also means Jamf Remote fails). It appears connection out of the machine back to Jamf works, just not connection from outside the machine in.

Is there a setting that can be adjusted that would address this issue?


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Did you get over this problem? I have the same issue now on Catalina and Big Sur computers, even with the latest checkpoint vpn version 84.3

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Check Point forces installing "Check Point Firewall.app" with VPN Client. Have you installed some filters with that?

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Do we know if there's a way to not get the "Check Point Firewall.app" and system extension installed? We only need the VPN client, which works without the firewall system extension. I find that enabling the system extension can cause connectivity issues, especially when changing Wi-Fi networks.

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If You remove it, VPN Client recreates it on start. But if You put "Check Point Firewall.app" to Restricted Software in Jamf, VPN Client still works and Firewall app and extension stops bothering your users.
CheckPoint makes packages with or without Firewall for Windows. But for Mac theres anly this bundle. And I think it is not possible to use CheckPoint VPN with with native VPN?


@lee.stanford Hi Lee, I managed to do it by converting the package to source in Composer, deleting the Firewall application and then repackaging. Works like a dream.

Also @georgecm12 Ver 84.30 seems to resolve the network issue that the older client caused. I've spent months scratching my head as to why Screen Sharing wasn't working, I finally realized it was the Checkpoint client, I updated to the latest version and found it resolved the network issue but then ran into the Firewall prompt issue. Got that sorted out and it's been smooth sailing since.