Unlock Security & Privacy pane in system prefs

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We need non-admin users to have this pane unlocked to use several options like screen recording, full disk access, etc. Any quick script to do this? 




If it is currently locked for your non-admins, then a Configuration Profile is being pushed out for Security & Privacy to those users.

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It is currently locked, that pane is always locked. I need it to be auto unlocked for non-admin users. Is there any scripts for that or directions on how to set that up?

Apologies, I misunderstood your question. As browns said below, you can create the PPPC and push them out to users. TCCs will need to the User approved when they appear.

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If you just need to approve/allow the user to approve permissions, then a profile is what you need with PPPC payloads. You shouldn't need to have the pane unlocked.

You can use https://github.com/jamf/PPPC-Utility grab the required info for each app.



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@lmathews, unfortunately that Sys Prefs pane cannot be unlocked for Standard Users like other panes such as Network or Printers & Scanners can be.

Have a read of this JN post, some options do not require the pane to be unlocked.