Upgrade JSS from 8.71 to 9.22

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I will be upgrading my JSS from 8.71 to 9.22. Will the agent auto-update or do I have to do something to upgrade the agents as well? Thanks.


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Before you upgrade, maybe have a look at this thread if you haven't already: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=9557


I would recommend talking to your rep - mine set up a webex with me and went through the upgrade. That way they are on had if anything goes sideways. They also have a checklist of pre upgrade things to help make the process less painful.

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To answer your question, though, yes. The agent always upgrades on the first client check ins after the server is updated.

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We purchased onsite tech time. It wasn't cheap but worth every penny. Our Migration was very bumpy and we could not have completed it without help. Lots of odd errors from the installer, things we would have had no way of resolving on our own.

Best of luck