URGENT: Has anyone seen this issue before?

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We are currently issuing iOS and Mac OS devices, however they are not enrolling, we have found that our pre-stage is broken on Jamf. This has been raised but wondered if anyone else had seen this before? Its a massive issue to our business as we could potentially have missing assets;


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@jonathan.rudge Are you running JSS 10.15.x? There's a known issue with DEP sync. See this thread for a workaround: Jamf and DEP Intermittent Sync Issue

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Just want to suggest that if this is truly urgent you should utilize Jamf Support by giving them a call.

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Thanks @sdagley Ill get our Jamf Pro expert on this asap!

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@bpavlov We have had a ticket open since 30th, they have not provided a fix yet. Ive escalated to our account manager but wanted to reach out to the community to see if we were alone.

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We had an issue on our Cloud instance where mobile devices would enroll, but they wouldn't get names, configuration profiles, apps, or anything else. Manually pushing their names allowed a random assortment of MDM commands to reach them, but they then had problems with inventory updates. The fix was going to Settings > Device Management > Inventory Collection then finally removing the checkbox from Collect user and location information from LDAP. Within 24-48 hours, the backlog of devices waiting to update inventory cleared and our instance was back to normal. Support said this was a known issue.

Good luck! Broken enrollment is a pretty obnoxious one.