Use Casper as a Portal for Teachers and Students???

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This is more an enhancement idea to the Casper Suite but has anyone ever thought of further developing the Self Service feature of Casper to be more of a portal for end users? A place where an IT admin could create a web desktop of internal or external resources for users based on Active Directory membership in addition to just distributing software?

The Casper Self Service module integrates nicely with Active Directory so it may seem like the next step. Stoneware is a product that currently does this but at a high cost.

Just wondering if others are looking for features like this. As a school district we would love having a single portal to direct our users and show them all the resources available to them.

Maybe if there is enough interest this may be something JAMF will consider.

Let us know your thoughts JAMF Nation!!!



That is exactly where we would like to take Self Service. Just haven't had the time to do it yet.

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Great! We have alot of other suggestions in this area when you're ready to hear it!


back at JNUC, Bill Hansen and Bryson Tyrrell did a session on how JAMF themselves use Self Service as a portal in a session called "Managing the Unmanageable", there was a video up, but the link seems to be broken.

There was a smaller scale version of this run by Kyle Appel at the JAMF NYC offices back in March, and a roundtable of Corporate users (myself included) that heavily discussed how Self Service can be leveraged in this manner.

You can do alot with Self Service today, just be creative and think of the things you would really like to have the users be able to install or have access to. Alot can be done with AD without the macs even being bound to AD themeselves.

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Here is the link to the Managing the Unmanageable presenation from the JNUC 2012. Please ignore the description, as it is not the correct one. We are still working on a few glitches from our new website transition. Hopefully this video will give you some ideas on getting started with Self Service as a one-stop resource.

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Checkout Skyter:

I would like to know if Self Service can offer similar functions that this product offers. It would open up a whole world of possibilities.

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With the use of Plugins, you can do a lot in Self Service as it is right now, even if it's just a link to another website.