VMware VMs duplicate MACs

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So I know Jamf doesn't officially support enrolling VMs. I've found that running QuickAdd pre-macOS 11, works and the machine enrolls. Running User Initiated Enrollment, you need to set the computer model to a real mac model in order for the VM to not enroll as a device.

Got all that working. The piece that I'm now trying to figure out is the secondary MAC on all my VMs is identical, and certain policies are throwing errors about duplicate MACs. I'm not sure WHAT that MAC is unless it's some VMware default MAC. The VMX doesn't show any record of it. I don't see it in the VM either.

The MAC in question is: A4:83:E7:11:A7:29

Anyone seen this? Know how to fix/prevent? Jamf shows both as being "Ethernet".