VPP Invite Managed Apple IDs Cant get ebook to push

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Just got my first request for an ebook in the 10 years I've been using Jamf. Of course assumed it worked like normal Apps, but why would anything be that consistent or easy right?

I understand we have to send an invite to the user which I have, however it doesnt seem to send. We are using Managed Apple ID's with ASM but the user cannot login to Books (message stating managed apple ids cannot log into to books or the appstore) and I dont see the invitation showing in self service, and I also tried checking all the check boxes for Automatically accept the VPP invitation for managed apple ids.

If I look at the invitation status it shows..."Missing Managed Apple ID". The staff member is logged into their Apple ID in system preferences and Apple Classroom is working normally so again, no idea what else I need to do. But if they could just make this a bit more complex to manage...that might help.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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Same issue. Managed Apple IDs are not allowing access to the assigned content.

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"Missing Managed Apple ID" here too on a couple of accounts. When I look at a different invitation that worked, the Status shows "VPP user is associated with an iTunes Store account".

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I am having the same issue.  I got VPP and a book assignment to work under my test student account, but now all the other accounts I am trying are saying "Missing Managed Apple ID" although they are managed.  Has anyone found a fix for this?


I've deleted and recreated the invite, recreated the eBook, and even tried to recreate the Volume Assignment.  I still only got my 1 test account to work

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Same boat. I have tried this multiple times, can't get automatic registration to work. 

Hey Chris,

I ended up doing an in-house distribution for the ebooks, and it works (however, it seems like it'll only work for free books).  I downloaded a book onto my Mac, found the file in Finder.  When you have the epub/ebook file, you will need Control + Click and choose "Show Package Contents."  Then, select all the files, and Control + Click and Compress.  Take that newly compressed Zip file, and change the .zip extension to .epub or .ebooks, whichever was the original extension.  Then, upload it as an in-house book and set the distribution method to automatically install.