Wireless WPA password renewal for iOS


Dear All,
We have iPads that connect to a wireless network using basic WPA/WPA2 authentication with a pre-shared key. The password expires every 3 months.

To perform a test, I have deployed two wireless profiles, both with the same SSID, one with the current password and another one with the new password.

The iPad connected to the wireless first, and then I change the wireless password to the new one. Then the iPad wouldn't re-connect, saying the password is incorrect.

It seems to me that because both wireless profiles installed are having the same SSID and they are interfering with each other. When the password changed to the new one, the iPad isn't able to connect to the same SSID using the new password that is defined in the second profile. If I reset the password to the old one, the iPad will instantly connect. Both wireless profiles are configured as Auto-Connect and Connect even SSID is not broadbasting.

The requirement is to have the password renewed quarterly and the iPads need to seemlessly re-connect.

I would love to hear your experience or suggest a better approach delivering this result.

Thank you all!
Best Regards,