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Jamf Protect Analytic Remediation

We are in the early stages of deploying Jamf Protect at our organization and my question is around analytics and remediation steps. I know you can configure Jamf Protect to update analytic actions to add to Jamf Pro Smart Computer Groups. Should the ...  View more

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JAMF Protect

Hi There What fancy apart from default plan are you guys doing with JAMF Protect and worth implementing?  View more

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"eicar" test file detection

Hello everyone.We got a customer who ran ‘eicar’ test on his Mac and found that Jamf Protect doesn’t actually flag it up at all.How can we put such a detection in place for that ?Thanks  View more

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Engineering Department laptops rebooting

A majority of our engineering end users' laptops have been constantly rebooting and we believe it might be with the JAMF Protect agent. Here is what our Director of Engineering reported: Virtually all Engineers working on the web-application are expe...  View more

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Jamf Protect and macOS 11.4

I am seeing an issue when adding new computers to Jamf Protect via Jamf Pro. Computers that are on 11.4 are installing the Profile but the Application Support files are not installing. Apparently this is where the Agent resides. I am able to get the ...  View more

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Jamf Protect and SSL Inspection

Hey all. Can I confirm that Jamf Protect traffic (i.e from client to the Jamf Protect instance) needs to be excluded from SSL inspection? I don't see mention of this anywhere, but I can see errors when running the Jamf Environment Test tool in my cus...  View more

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Jamf Protect and Jamf Remediation suggestions

Hi everyone i'm trying to understand the best way to configure Jamf Protect with our jamf instance. I set up a smart group in jamf to alert users about security issues and that works fine. Unfortunately the jamf protect documentation is a bit incompl...  View more

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What's new in Jamf Protect

We released a new Jamf Protect agent today (1/20/22 - version that optimizes resource and network usage. As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline the impact of running Jamf Protect on a Mac, we identified some opportunities to reduce t...  View more

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Jamf Root CA/Security impacts

hello everyone, I'm new to Jamf and am about to roll out Jamf PRO/PROTECT to my user base. I was wondering is the Jamf Protect solution installs its own CA cert and tampers with secure connections, similar to some other endpoint solutions such as Bit...  View more

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JamfProtect Inslights updating??

Hi,I've deployed a policy to force Password Required To Wake Computer From Sleep Or Screen Saver. On the mac where it was deployed I see its active. Under JamfProtect I still see the insight says it's not active. Can I force the Insights to be update...  View more

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Jamf Protect Alerts to Slack

Hello, We are getting stick into protect and have hit an issue we cant find any documentation on, we want a slack message when protect issues an alert. We might have had some quick training on it, but now cant remember how  View more

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Jamf Protect and Color Blindness

The default color scheme used for Jamf Protect GUI has a basic Red/Green color use. This makes differentiation between desired and non-desired states almost impossible to read in the dashboard and other GUI elements for traditionally color-blind popu...  View more

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Add Exception for Jamf Protect

Does anyone know how I can add an exception for Jamf Protect? Jamf Protect blocked the installation of an app saying it has a known certificate issue. It's the SoftRAID app for my OWC Thunderbolt drive.  View more

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Jamf Protect Insights not updating?

Is anyone using Jamf Protect and the Insights? We have it enabled for the Automatic Run of Safe Files in Safari Disabled options. We see that it's disabled but the dashboard still says it's non-compliant. I thought maybe it would just take time but i...  View more

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Jamf Protect and Insights

Is anyone using Jamf Protect? it has the Insights piece that is great but what would be better is they provided some sort of integration with JSS for remediations. For example, they mark the sudo timeout as a risk. Ideally you could click a button to...  View more

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Managing jamf protect alerts

Got a gatekeeper alert for a device, and it was software that I was installing on the device (an update for the VPN software). Is there a way to mark the alert as checked and resolved. Cannot seem to find in the documentation. Thanks. Michael  View more

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