Free AV with JAMF protect

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Hi guys We are currently using jamf protect. Do you have any suggestion on how to improve the security with it? Any additional software to install to actively improve security? Maybe some AV/anti-malware (Better if free)? Thanks!


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If you have a Mac and Jamf Protect then you have all that already pretty much covered so I'm not sure what you feel is missing.
Recommend looking at your protect plans to enable any new analytics that have been adding by Jamf since you first deployed and also the Jamf Protect Github for additional custom detections

However both the Apple inbuilt tools (XProtect, MRT, GateKeeper) and Jamf's own products are non-transient so they only protect against Apple security threats.
If you want to protect against Window threats (eg. you download a file on the Mac that contains a Windows-only threat and want to remediate it that so it doesn't get passed on to a Windows device) then you will need an additional 3rd party solution.