Phantom Profiles that reinstall after MDM removal and re-enrollment

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I've got a strange one. I had played around with trials of Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect back in March of this year but ultimately removed them. I must have done so incorrectly (likely deleted the Profiles from the Jamf tenant rather than un-scoping my machines and THEN deleting the profiles). Regardless, I have clicked the "Remove MDM Profile" button under Management and everything leaves the Mac. Then I ran sudo Jamf removeFramework to start with a clean slate. When I run sudo profiles renew -type enrollment, these phantom profiles somehow come back. (This is a DEP machine, my personal 2020 M1 MBP). They are NOT anywhere in the Jamf tenant, I have no clue where they are coming from. BTW these same phantom profiles are not in the list of scoped Profiles in the Management tab. FWIW, I did a test on an older 2017 Intel (non-DEP laptop I use for testing. I wiped it and user-approved Jamf. Same result...these non-existent Profiles reinstalled themselves. They are not user or admin removable on the DEP machine either. Do I have a corrupt database in my Jamf cloud instance?


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I recommend reinstalling macOS, removing the MDM Profile and manually enrolling and changing enrollment type is not how Apple recommends this being done. If there is some ghost of a configuration on the mac, reinstalling macOS should straighten anything out.

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Did you uncheck the boxes under Settings > Computer management > Security for both Jamf Connect and Jamf Protect? Jamf Connect is listed under both PPPC and Jamf Notifications. If you have these checked Jamf will automatically send a PPPC and notifications profile for Jamf Connect and a PPPC for Jamf Protect.