Inactive Ipads

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We had our studnets hand in their iPads over the summer and know we have 1000s of IPads marked inactive in JAMF School. They can still be used, but MDM functions are not working. We cannot get them to switch back to Active unless we wipe and re-install. There has got to be a quicker and easier way to get them back to active? Anyone else having this issue?



Generally once a device checks in again it will be marked as active. I don't think I've ever seen a device not do so.

Few questions for you:

  1. When were these enrolled and or how long have they been enrolled?
  2. Did your push notification certificate expire over the summer? If so are there other devices setup prior to the summer break that still function correctly?

Ugh JN was playing games and randomly chose my work account.

#2 is No. All the Certs are fine. 

#1 is a year or more enrolled. 

We had the issue last year too but not as bad. JAMF Support said it was a known bug with iOS but we have whole grade levels out now. 

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We've been having exactly the same issue. Every morning the amount of inactive devices increases despite the student using the for the last three days.