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Hi All, I've just configured a jamf AD CS connector and trying to get it working with Jamf Cloud. The AD CS is open and jamf can communicate with it, it sends certificate requests and that's working my issue is I don't have a LDAP or LDAP proxy confi...
Hi All, I recently gave a talk during the London Apple Admins, one question I was asked during my presentation is how I managed to get jamf Pro (Casper Suite) data onto a dashboard. Which looked a bit like this: I've written up a guide on how it work...
Hi All, Just seeing out there if anyone's found a way to successfully disable just the TouchID option for "Unlocking your Mac", need to figure out a way to not tie a user's fingerprint to something like their AD password. Picture for reference:
Hi @bentoms or anyone else that can help, I'm having an issue where user's can't reset their password successfully using ADPassMon, the user has a valid kerberos token and line of sight to Active Directory, the machine is connected to the network via...
Hi All, I've got a strange one, I've got a Macbook Air that's causing my a slow login response when coming back from sleep it can usually hang for about 15 - 30 seconds after sleep, has anyone experienced this issue? Running the latest OS X El Capita...