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I found a nice extension attribute to pull the Model Identifier sysModel=sysctl -n hw.model FullModelName=/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print :${sysModel}:LOCALIZABLE:marketingModel" "$plistFile" 2> /dev/nullif [ -z "$FullModelName" ]then echo "UNKNOWN...
I have searched through the Nation but haven't seemed to find anything yet... Is there a plist or config profile anyone has issued that would turn off the Cloud File Sync option in creative cloud? I have already packaged and distributed but I am look...
Due to a poorly designed web site I need to frequently delete cookies and empty cache in Firefox on 45 machines... I took a look at CCK2 but did not see the option to delete cookies or caches... Has anyone every found a way to automate deleting cooki...
When a teacher offers Airplay to an Apple TV to a student iPad during a class then ends the airplay... Does the student machine came the Apple TV Airplay password? I was playing with this recently and found that once the student iPad had been offered...
I upgraded a current Version 9 JSS Mac server to Mavericks and Server 3.0 and have not had success performing Software Updates via self service policy, the URL seems ok but the clients cannot reach the SUS to download any updates... Anyone else succe...
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