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Does anyone have any insight into how to assess creating software for MCAS testing in Massachusetts? I'm currently working on scripting the removal of all user agents, configuring power management, disabling screen savers, etc. I'm wondering if anyon...
Has anyone been able to script for this? I'm aware that you can alter permissions in order to disable spellchecking but doing so doesn't appear to do the same thing for AutoCorrect.
After having migrated our MySQL database from 5.6.x to 5.5.x, the database is populating with incorrect data. I had to re-save criteria on smart groups several times in order to gather valid machines. I'm wondering if there's a particular query I can...
Does anyone know why the package created from Greg Neagle's installer would not boot into the Mac OS X Installer environment and instead bypass it altogether if the drive isn't erased? I've re-imaged my test machine with a base DMG we had and then ra...
I've created a NetBoot image for my newer 10.8.3 machines to boot to but when I NetBoot them I see a circle with a line through it. I've seen this before and creating a new nbi from the newest machine has seemed to fix the problem. All lower models i...
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