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The Notifications indicator in the Jamf Nation banner is acting odd for me. Opening some sections of Jamf Nation (e.g. My Profile, Tech Thoughts) will cause the Notifications count label to show 25 unread notifications, but if I open the Notification...
Using Jamf Cloud hosted JSS 10.37.2 we're seeing an odd problem with policies run from Self Service that contain only a Script payload where they don't actually run the script. There's no error reported, and the Policy log shows it as Completed, but ...
Somebody at Apple finally pushed the button to make the standalone installer for Security Update 2022-003 (Catalina) available for those of us that like to make Catalina updates available via Self Service. You can download it from: https://support.ap...
For anyone who wants to put the Safari 15.4 updates for Catalina or Big Sur into Self Service:Catalina: Sur: http:/...
The Safari 15.3 release on 2022-02-10 marks what I believe is the 3rd time in a little less than a year that Apple has released an update to Safari with the same version number as the previous release but with a new build number. This means that the ...
Did Mac software development for Lockheed Martin and Netscape/Mozilla, founded FreePPP Group, spent a while managing computers (mostly Macs) in K12 EDU, now into enabling Mac users at the Enterprise level for a Fortune 25 company.