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Hi guys, I'm taking this time to tidy up our Jamf Cloud instance. I remove all the unused Packages we have. It is a real mess. Any ideas how I can run a report on all the Packages in our Jamf Cloud instance and output for each Package the machines th...
Hi guys, I am using dscl . read to create an array with users in the Admin Group. However, its not giving me what I want. I want each user in the Admin Group to be a separate element in the array. How do I do that? I tried using cut -d " " but that d...
Hi, I'm trying to report on which of out machines don't have Meraki Agent installed. I have created Extension Attribute and used a Smart Group but its not showing any machines as having Meraki Agent. What am I doing wrong? The script works in Termina...
Hi, I'm running a very basic script, which works, to change the local admin password on all our Macs. But, I want to know how to check if the currentPwd already matches the newPwd, and if so then it must exit. How do I do that? if [ currentPwd == new...
Is there a way to hide the local Management Account during DEP Prestage Enrollment? We are not creating an additional management account but users are brought to this screen prompting for the local admin credentials. I can't see where to change this ...
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