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I'm surly missing something simple. I am trying to update the Adobe CC and Adobe Acrobat (with CC) packages in JAMF. They keep failing with the response being to contact the vendor, and the install log is saying there was an error with executing the ...
Does anyone have a working Extension Attribute to read if the Root account is enabled? The one I was using does not appear to work anymore, and none of the commands I am seeing on the internet are working either. This is what I was using. #!/bin/bash...
As the subject says. Working on redirecting the logs for a user account generating event to SIEM.
I recently had to configure Zscaler for my environment and I figured I would share incase it helps anyone.Prior to 3.9 Zscaler was configured with a script, the JAMF documentation is eh and the got the script they provide from someones GitHub repo.[G...
I am being tasked with sorting out a solution for macOS SysLog redirection. Security is wanting/needing macOS user Authentication logs among other logs. Most of the tools I am seeing died when Apple updated to Universal Logging. I'm working with our ...
Originally from LA, now living around Birmingham Alabama. I have been an admin since the early 2000's and in the mid 2010's shifted to managing macOS.