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Anyone else experiencing Softwareupdate --fetch full installer just downloading macOS Big Sur? I am trying to grab an early version of macOS Catalina and for whatever reason even with the version 10.15.1 argument it is still downloading 11.6 Big Sur....
I am trying to make a software restriction to kill and remove Slack on macOS but for some reason it does not seem to be working. I have tried using slack.app and the service name which is just slack, the app just keeps running happily. Any ideas? I w...
We are working at moving from Azure to OKTA for an authentication provider. Our Macs have no form of SSO currently for any internal site and we are trying to get that setup moving forward. It seems that Safari "just works" (which is really strange in...
Our support team has been complaining about issues installing Xcode from selfservice for a few months. On the JAMF side of things no errors to speak off, all the management commands do their thing without issue. In the lab I can install xcode but it ...