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I'm very successfully collecting the last Time Machine backup date using Chad Nielsen's excellent Time Machine extension attribute. Good stuff. However, I swear that I used to be able to -- in a previous JSS (8.x or maybe even 7.x) -- see the number ...
uh oh, Apple must have changed something in the iOS update mechanism. For years, I have been blocking the mesu.apple.com URL at my firewall to prevent my kindergatners from accidentally upgrading our iPads. But now it doesn’t appear to be working. My...
Upgraded to JSS 9.96 on Thursday and my nightly backups went from 150MB to over 6GB in size. WTF! Any ideas why?
Spent a futile few hours today trying to figure out why Casper Admin 9.65 was crashing when trying to upload a new .pkg or .dmg to it. Went down a lot of rabbit holes before finally contacting JAMF Tech Support, who told me that there's an open defec...
Has anyone run the AP Chinese and Japanese AP Exams in Boot Camp on their Macs? I don't see anything in the documentation that makes me think it won't work.
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