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I'll start. My first and only in-person JNUC, a part of the Diversity group kept the night going after our hangout by hitting up The News Room, then starting a bit of bar-hopping until it was quite late. It was nice to settle in and talk with an even...
If you participated last year, remember the fun little "side quest" for lack of a better term that Jamf provided last year to earn points? Go to this session... visit this booth... say hello to this person... What do you think this year's gonna be, i...
Is there a way to increase the inventory update frequency for mobile devices? Here is why I ask. Our school has the App Store restricted on our iPads in grades 5 & 6. This results in them not having the ability to download apps, or update them (most ...
Well... [2009] I started off working as a sports reporter for community sports (not that I know sports)... the became the unofficial IT person there... [2012] Then I got a job as a Chinese teacher (and did some part-time IT on the side). [2014] Two years later, I am teaching more Chinese (eventually resting on 4 classes [2017] with 5 being considered "full-time"), am "full-time" IT, and the "full-time" PowerSchool SIS Administrator. [2020] Six years later, my brain broke, so I no longer teach Chinese, and just do the other two. [2023] Two more years later and now I am teaching web design and isolated paleontology lessons... 10+ years at the same place, and I am perfectly aware that I don't know what the future holds.