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So im trying to research a potential motorcycle rental, and seeing if anybody would be interested in doing some riding. Never been to San Diego im sure there are some interesting places to visit. Alternatively maybe do some dune buggy type riding or ...
Hi All, Hoping someone can help me. I am trying to deploy large apps with Jamf Pro over 5GB, since i cant upload anything bigger anymore. All sort of PI's.... anyways... I came across this post
So last week or so, ive ben trying to upload a package or DMG around 10GB and it gets stuck at 100%, never faisl but also never finishes. If i close the page and try again, it doesn't show that it was uploaded already. And same thign happens, just ge...
Is anybody using the key SignInCommand to run a script at Login? Shouldn't the script run after you log in since that is when you sign in as well? DOesnt successful sign in mean login in? How does it get it credentials if not at login in to sign in? ...
Hi All, So I am going back and forth with Jamf support about some issues i have been experiencing, and i get an interesting statement back.... given how the jamf binary is expected to execute; if there is no active user at any point during the 24 hou...