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When OneDrive version 22.248.1127.0001 is installed, it immediately updates itself to 23.002.0102.There is nothing about 23.002.0102 on MS official release notes page:
Hello, Does anyone know how to add JNUC 2022 badge to the profile? Please help.Thanks!UPD. and 2021, too
Hello,I am looking for solution to make Teams default chat client in Outlook. Can not ping it anywhere in Teams or Outlook settings. Wonder if there are proper plist file, key and value, and if possible to make config profile.Thanks!
Hello, We were using that solution for setting Big Sur deployment policy in Self Service: far as I understand, it doesn't work on M1 Macs because it requires password for restart - ...
Hello,What would be the minimum custom access rights granted to Jamf Pro user account to be able isolate/lock Macs, please? Few IT Security engineers need the access to Jamf Pro to be able locking Macs, and I would prefer not giving full admin rights...