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I get the feeling I'm behind the 8-ball. Our educational institution has been running macOS High Sierra until very recently when Adobe dropped support for it forcing us to upgrade to Mojave. Since the students are not using the labs due to COVID-19 I...
I take care of 4-5 Mac labs in a high education environment. We're still on serialized Adobe CC 2018 for the moment and will switch to shared device licenses in a month or so. Near the end of the semester I disable my data clean-up script so disks te...
With the release of macOS Mojave the command I was using to set the system clocks of our Mac lab systems stopped working. Here is the old command: ntpdate -bvs time-a.nist.gov And here are three examples of the new command: Apple's time server sudo s...
Steps to reproduce: Create an imaging workflow using macOS Sierra (AutoDMG). Ensure you do not have any shell script in the workflow. Result? The admin account doesn't get created. The second I put in a script even if all it does is "exit 0", the adm...
Just confirmed this isn't working. Worked fine in 10.0.0 but broke in 10.0.1 and 10.1.1. Login to the JSS via a web browser, click Computers at top left, then Management Settings at bottom left, then Configurations and pull up any configuration. Next...
I support a department of 140 or so Mac desktops and a large number of faculty laptops.