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Happy birthday, Jamf! On June 10th you turned 21! But it’s not just your birthday this month. It’s also Charlie Root’s 30th birthday today! If it weren’t for Charlie, probably none of us would be here right now. Who’s Charlie Root? Digital spelunking...
Death by PowerPoint started in the living room Willis H. O’Brien was a famous Hollywood special effects artist known for his pioneering work in stop-motion cinematography. While we may look at his special effects in the movie King Kong from 1933 as o...
Jamf added support for LAPS in April’s Jamf Pro 10.46.0 release. What is LAPS? LAPS is short for Local Administrator Password Solution. It was coined by Microsoft in May 2015 as a solution for automatically rotating passwords of shared IT administrat...
Comic Sans is just my type.Not really. You’ve got a story! You know what you want to say. How do you say it? Your presentation deck is how you turn your ideas into something visual for your audience. It’s going to complement what you’re there to say....
A Read-only Friday post by William Smith “I’m not a terrible procrastinator. I’m a great procrastinator!” It’s Monday morning. You’ve tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen and poured yourself a cup of ambition. You sit down to check email an...
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