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Greetings all, We're getting our Fall builds ready, and again I am facing the issue of automating the software installation for the Wacom tablets in our Industrial Design (17 Cintiq 27" panels) and Multimedia (10 Wacom 12" LCD tablets) labs. I'd real...
Oooh, badges! (Come on, somebody had to set up the inevitable follow-up.)
I see on Wacom's site that they have a fully compatible with Apple Silicon and Big Sur driver for the Cintiq displays (among others). So, that has to mean no more kernel extension, right? From their description of granting permissions during the inst...
I'm having a big problem. I'm trying to assign 11 students into the VPP Assignments/VPP Invitations area (our production Jamf Pro server is still on 10.15.1 due to various reasons with the central services group so the Invitations area still has the ...
We're in the midst of all this fast shift to online and distance education stuff, and I ran into a small problem. We (the university) have purchased some licenses for an iOS app for some of our film students. This all worked fine for the majority of ...