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Hey all, I'm running into an odd issue that wasn't a problem under macOS Big Sur, but is now under Monterey. I'm not sure if this is a brand new issue with 12.3 or if it was always an issue with older versions of Monterey. I hadn't noticed it before ...
Hi everyone. Has anyone gone thru the steps of creating a new APNs certificate for Jamf Pro now with the "new" Jamf Nation and the Jamf Account sites? I'm having some trouble understanding how this is done now. It used to be that you would click the ...
Just a quick FYI for anyone that didn't see it already. Apple is having an event on Nov. 10. I suspect we'll finally get a release date for Big Sur at it (maybe that day?), along with some other new product announcements.
So all of a sudden in my JamfNation alert (bell icon) menu, I'm seeing notices for Discussions, Articles and Feature Requests that I have never posted to, voted up or subscribed to in any way. It seems like I'm getting these notices simply because so...
Hi all, I'm running into a perplexing problem that I've not been able to solve yet, so I'm asking here if anyone has some insight into how to solve this one. Background: I'm moving off of using Apple's macOS Server SUS in favor of reposado + margarit...