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Hello community,we are using SSO via Microsoft Asher® AD.Now, we changed our Cisco Webex® to SSO, too. On our Windows Clients, SSO for Cisco Webex® is working, but not on our Mac® clients.I configured a configuration profile and a plist in Jamf Pro® ...
Hello to all ;)I hope, someone can help me to find a solution for my question:We use an app, based on Java®. There are some settings for this app configured at ~/Library/Preferences/, we have to modify some settings...
First a warm "hi" to all :)Is someone using Microsoft Intune® , too and would be able to help me to solve my question?Our Mac® Clients are installed and enrolled via jamf pro® and we are registering our clients at Microsoft Intune® too, to be able to...
First a warm "hello" to the community ;)I hope, someone can help me, to find a solution for my question:On Windows® environment, it is possible to set up, that only signed Office macros (for example Word®,Excel®) are allowed to run. Unsigned macros c...
First a warm hello to the community and a happy new year to everyone I am looking for a solution to run a client policy (job) on jamf pro immediately after setting the scope to the policy instead of triggering it with a event like "change networksta...
My Name is Michael and I'm a senior system engineer in a fabiolous it-team :) one of my jobs here is, to install and maintenance our Macs. We are running about 65 Macs on different locations. To make it easier and to get a standard, we decided in 2019 to introduce JAMF and, what should I say, it was the best idea so far, because we are saving a lot of time for the maintenance of the machines. A big thank you for this great community and all the peoble who are spending their time, sharing their experiences in Apple hard- and software and in Jamf!