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UPDATE: I have added this script to my gitHub repo. You can find the freshest of the fresh here... Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've contributed anything to Jamf Nation. I have a script / workflow that I've been sitting on since 2019 that I a...
Apple released a security update for macOS 10.15.xx (Catalina) and 11.xx (Big Sur). If you have any of these macOS versions and you use the Okta Device Registration Task, device enrollment failures may occur. This may result in users not being able t...
During our testing of Big Sur, we're finding many apps are relying on System Extensions (ie Carbon Black, osquery, Google Drive Stream, etc.) It seems like each and every one of these prompts the user to accept and reboot. Has anyone had any success ...
Are you running the NT-ware uniFLOW SmartClient for macOS? As you probably know, NT-ware's older versions (v1.1.0 and lower) were not as robust as their Windows versions. In order to upgrade/update to newer versions, you need to uninstall the older v...
LAST UPDATED: 2020-OCT-16 If you are an Okta customer and you also manage Jamf Pro, then I'm certain that you've heard of, been looking at, or have been using Okta Device Trust. OVERVIEW: OKTA DEVICE TRUSTIf you are not familiar with Okta Device Trus...
This is my primary JAMF Nation account ``` 2017-09-21 - CCE Certified, v9.x 2014-07-25 - CCA Certified, v9.x 2014-06-24 - CMA Certified, v9.x 2014-06-19 - CJA Certified, v9.x ``` Personal: []( Work: [](