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I read about support for Jamf Parent in 10.14. What about Jamf School Teacher? that supported in 10.14?
Reading between the lines in the documentation: Am I to infer that in order for parents to restrict their students' iPads:1. The parents need their o...
I am using the latest version of the MUT to set iPad names based on usernames. 25% of the devices are indicating a failure with error code 400. Any ideas on what would be causing these errors and how to mitigate?
I am attempting to get all of our student iPads running iOS 11.2.5, and we all know the problems/limitations of the Update OS command on iOS. My idea was to "gently nudge" students into doing the update by:1. Create a SmartGroup that finds student iP...
Apple's Content Distribution Network can easily fill a school's Internet pipe when students start downloading apps from the App Store. I have created some bandwidth shaping pools with target some Akamai download server IPs to throttle how much App ST...