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Hello! I'm still a beginner at bash and have been struggling to find the commands I need to write a script. The script needs to add a SSID to Preferred Network lists using WPA2 Enterprise with Mode: EAP-TLS and Identity: User Name. I can get the SSID...
This is a best practice question. What are your software distrobution scopes based on? I'm looking for the best way to scope out my software distribution and was curious how others were doing it. We were manually assigning departments but I found my ...
I'm sure this has been covered but I couldn't find a how to. I need to take the user's login information and pass it to Sharepoint so they won't get the login prompts when going to the Intranet. Thank you
I know I can go from Mac to PC using smb://(computer name)/C$ Is there a reverse to this? Is there anyway way to connect to a Mac's hard drive from a PC?