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Hello All,Running the following command:/Applications/Privileges/Contents/Resources/PrivilegesCLI --status > /private/tmp/status.txtcreates the file named status.txt but it is empty (stdout is not redirecting to the file)I was wondering if someone th...
I'm having an issue where during PreStage enrollment I have an admin account created for temporary purposes to get computers setup for a users. After the setup process is done, we delete the account. I'm encountering an issue where on some computers,...
Hi All, I want to leverage the "system_profiler SPInstallHistoryDataType" command which will tell me all of the installed macOS updates. To do that I can add a pipe and grep the string "macOS". However I'm looking to get both the macOS update(s) that...
Let me first say I am still new to scripting! As we know, ever since Catalina, the default shell is now zsh which is now posing problems since most of my scripts are bash (they start with #!/bin/bash). I'm noticing more and more of the scripts that I...
A few weeks back Apple released a supplemental update (2020--005) for macOS Mojave then quickly pulled it because it was causing issues. They then fixed it and released it again. Regardless if a computer had the faulty or the fixed update, the system...
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