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Hey Mac Admins, 

Join us for # Coding (WAY) Outside the Box, this Friday at 12pm MST. 

Jamf recently added token authentication to their Classic API with plans to drop user/password authentication sometime this year. On top of that, the Jamf Pro API (including the token authentication) only returns JSON and there are no native macOS command line tools for parsing JSON.

So how do we move forward when our (arguably) best API tool, Python, is being removed from macOS by default at the same time?
Let’s think WAY outside the box. Like, what if our Jamf Policy scripts don’t even make their API calls within the Macs themselves?
In this month’s meetup, Chad will discuss the options he has seen and tried to get around these challenges. He’ll also demonstrate his preferred technique for navigating this uncertain future.

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Eric and the Rocketman Team 

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