FAQs (Helpful resources to aid in your success!)

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Helpful Links 

We know a few things have moved around. Here is a set of links to help you find what you need.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I access Product Documentation/Knowledge Base articles?

You can access these documents in two places within Jamf Nation:

  1. In this post under the Helpful Links. 
  2. In the footer of Jamf Nation. 

    Note: Knowledge Base articles have been converted into Technical Articles for consistency with the other product documentation that Jamf publishes.

Where do I access My Assets?

This lives within Jamf Account

Where do I contact Support?

You can access Support through Jamf Account

Where do I access the training materials?

You can  easily access the training materials in Jamf Account

How do I submit a Feature Request?

The Feature Requests tile on the home page of Jamf Nation contains everything you need to know about Feature Requests, including a link to submit your idea! Or you can head to the portal at: https://ideas.jamf.com/ Thank you for your willingness to help us always improve!

How can I update my Jamf Nation profile?

Any changes you want to make to your first and last name or email address that’s listed in Jamf Nation must be made in Jamf Account. You can update your avatar, as well as many other community and notification settings, within your Jamf Nation profile. Click on your avatar and select My profile or My settings from the drop-down. We encourage you to check it out!

How do I get a missing badge?

If you believe you're missing a badge, please submit this form. We'll get you your missing badge within 48 business hours. 

How do I start a Mac Admin User Group hub?

We are happy to hear you're interested in leading a Mac Admin User Group! Please fill out this form and a member of our team will follow up with you. 

What is the Beta/RC process?

Beta/RC program participants can pick up their assets within Jamf Account and provide their feedback and ideas within Jamf Nation in the corresponding Beta/RC group hub. If you are a member of one of these programs and have questions about the new process, please let us know at beta@jamf.com or rc@jamf.com. 

What are the Education and Healthcare group hubs for?

As Jamf continues to grow, we want to ensure all of our extended audiences have a place to connect. We believe the Education and Healthcare group hubs allow for more dedicated conversations around these verticals and will eventually serve as a home for even more audiences (e.g. teachers, health care professionals) to share ideas and build relationships. 

What's the JNUC group hub?

That's right, the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) has a dedicated group hub within Jamf Nation! In addition to providing users with more information about the conference within the community, the group hub is a space for users to connect about JNUC all year long. Let’s keep those amazing hallways conversations going!

Can Jamf Nation members post jobs in the community?

You bet! In fact, there's a group hub just for this purpose! We hope you utilize this to help you find new talent for your organization — or for yourself!

Is Jamf Nation available in other languages?

In your user profile, you can select one of the following languages to be your default: Albanian, Dutch, Japanese, Slovak, Arabic (UAE), English (US), Korean, Spanish (Mexico), Bahasa Indonesian, English (UK), Latvian, Spanish (Spain), Bulgarian, Finnish, Malay, Swedish, Catalan, French, Norwegian, Thai, Chinese (Simplified), German, Polish, Turkish, Chinese (Traditional), Greek, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian, Croatian, Hebrew, Portuguese (Portugal), Vietnamese, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Italian and Russian.

If I select another language in my profile, which content will translate?

You can select the language you’d prefer to use within your user profile. Words in the top navigation bar, along with other foundational items (excluding our customized navigation, ie Products, Community & Events), will then translate into the selected language. Emails will also translate to the selected language, though the default is always English. The posts or content created by community members, however, will not translate. 

Why does it say I’m a guest?

If you’re seeing that you have guest access, it simply means you haven’t logged in. Either click the person icon in the top, right corner to log in, or head to Jamf Account to create a Jamf ID and then sign in. There is a link to Jamf Nation from Jamf Account. 

Are there community guidelines I should follow as a Jamf Nation member?

Yes. We greatly appreciate your help to ensure Jamf Nation is a welcoming place for all community members. When you get a chance, please read through our Jamf Nation Community Guidelines, which are included above. Thank you for helping us maintain an inclusive community!

Who works on Jamf Nation from Jamf?

Jamf Nation is supported by the Community team, which includes a community moderator and manager. To learn more about the people who are dedicated to helping Jamf’s communities grow over time, check out the “Meet your Community Team” space on Jamf Nation’s main page.

Who do I contact with questions?

There’s a team of people who would love to help you out! Shoot us your questions at jamfnation@jamf.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!



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I've been digging through the new site and I think i am generally happy with the changes/updates. I did wonder where our "ranking" (for lack of a better term) comes from?

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 2.11.51 PM.png

Not that I'm necessarily trying to go higher, but what's the threshold for the various classifications? 


Valued Contributor

The new update is pretty bad as far as discoverability and usability are concerned. Where are the third party software versions hiding now?


But hey, you made it look cute and now with everything being huge on screen, you may help increase sales of larger monitors.

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Yeah I came to Jamf Nation today to get the direct download link for OneDrive (++_) sigh.  Where has it gone? ....... Searching, endlessly searching.

Valued Contributor

They moved everything and made it impossible to find the things we actually need as admins. 

Really I feel now its super easy to access..Jamf is always on the top.

Sagar Rastogi

New Contributor

Hi All,

Can anyone help me how to download the scripts from Jamf Nation. After the update unable to locate the option in this page. previously it was listed under products where we van download? 

Hey @thameem, for downloading scripts you can now do that following this link: 




- Justin