JNUC 2021 Keynote - Expectations and Wishes...

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Hi fellow jamf admins,

Just wondering what everyone is wishing to be announced or covered at this years keynote?

I couldn't help feel that last years keynote was a bit of a damp squib and felt more like a marketing advert for Microsoft O365 when compared to previous JNUC keynotes. 
Personally I would love to see Jamf to launch their own macOS DLP solution, more integration between their Pro, Connect, Protect, CMD Reporter solutions and to also hear what they plan to do with their new acquisition of Wandera.

Also I would love to see a revamp of Patch management in Jamf Po, which I always thought was a great start when this feature was introduced in Jamf Pro 10, but has been lacking in expanding over the years in its capability.

What's everyone else hoping to see announced at JNUC?


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I’d love to see a focus on security and maybe a road map for Jamf pro.  Its great but got some real tech debt that needs some work, it may be time to start talking Jamf Pro 11. 

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I am really hoping for significant improvement in the Patch Management (like a total revamping). I think most of us agree that Patch Management is only slightly serviceable and needs to be improved. 


Let's get updated apps! I would love it if Remote worked like a normal Mac app instead of using this weird window model. Also roll in Recon and kill Image.