Activation Lock ByPass Code Error since Upgrade to Jamf Pro

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Ever since we upgraded to JAMF Pro ... 85% of my iPads Jamf is unable to remove the Activation Lock Bypass Code on Wipe command .... wondering if there would be a way to refresh this code. We also try inputting the code manually on the iPad to no avail.... always invalid code



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I too currently have at least one iPad that is refusing the bypass activation lock code that the device record gives in the JSS when I manually type it into the ipad during the setup process and I am also running Jamf Pro Version 10. Any work arounds or solutions?

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Same problem here and if you choose to wipe the device the bypass code in JAMF doesn't work to release the lock when you go back through the setup of the device.

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there are many, many, many discussions on this and everyone is asking the same question. the more people are commenting and keeping these at the top of the discussions list/in the feed, hopefully if there are 4 about the SAME THING someone at jamf will GET ON THE BALL. especially since i don't see ANY MENTION of activation lock in the list of known issues. this is apparently a known issue to everyone but jamf...

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I am seeing this exact same issue. I am using the JAMF Cloud.

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It seems to be devices that were enrolled a long time ago (not sure on the threshold) that don't work. Recently enrolled devices seem to take the bypass code correctly. It's around 50/50 in my experience.


Same issue here. Have not tested my 10.4.1 instance but my 9.101 instance does not work at all and it's across the board in so far as the enrollment date. Had a list of about two dozen I sent in for Apple to remove the activation lock this summer.

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I have heard it is a known bug by support, but that may be the new stock response. The problem as I've been told lies with Apple and a disconnect that can occur in the hand off of the bypass code and end users changing their ID. I haven't ever recieved a completely clear explanation, but the latest I've heard is they are actually working on it. At this point I have to unfortunately limit the end user experience by not allowing log in with an Apple ID with a restriction payload.

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@JetJaguar How does your restriction payload look like, not allowing log in with an Apple ID?