Best method for deploying GarageBand with content to a lab environment via VPP

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Hello Jamfnation,
I am currently working on how to deploy garageband and all of its 20GB+ content to our labs. We will be using VPP to deploy the gragaeband app itself but I am curious as to how any of you are doing this currently. I did find this blog post from last year Deploy GarageBand and it’s loops for Mac Labs on Jamf PRO but I want to know if there is a better way to do this. As always thanks for your help!


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IMHO, still one of the best ways to get all of the needed content, before the user sits down at the computer. I download then packages to my test machine. I used composer to create one huge package that gets cached on the client, then I run the script to install the packages, then the huge package gets deleted from the machine.


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I used this process on my lab image during the days of deploystudio and munki. I still keep the packages available to push out to my labs now using a policy. Hopefully it all still works and eliminates the need of deploying a 12-20GB package.