Bueller, Bueller..... anyone know how to get these MDM macOS commands to work, how to implement?


Anyone know how to implement these from Apple?




Any working advice would be appreciated please. Not sure if these commands are to be used in a config profile, that's my guess, but I have been unsuccessful so far. There are command and response, not sure how all this gets implemented.

Please advise.

Thank you ;-)


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use the beta software update in jamf 



That seems to work pretty well, but its limited to Sonoma to get all the features (scheduling as an example). Thanks though!

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I've used this DMM and it is hit or miss. Not sure why some Mac's update and why some don't as they are all in the same smart group to update. The cool part is, the Apple pop-up that staed the mac will reboot and install within an hour. End user has option to restart now or later. The banner blocks the screen so the end user cannot miss it. It's great - when it works. 

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I had a support call with JAMF in October, about scheduling MacOS updates. The support agent was unaware that most of the existing JAMF documentation and recommendations are deprecated. The support agent was unaware that the new 'beta' patch management does absolutely nothing on machines when the command is sent and that you _cannot_ get back to the old patch management. The support agent wanted to check with others and get back to me, and when he did, the answer was "we currently have no way to schedule specific times for OS updates" and recommended using 'nudge' to push updates/notifications.

As it stands right now, there is no single thing that works for Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma. We've not had any luck managing MacOS updates in a consistent, automated manner since Apple removed the startosinstall command from the OS installer apps. JAMF seems to be completely oblivious and uncaring that it's not working and that a significant portion of their documentation is out of date, even for their own products.

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Same message here. Nudge is a disaster, or, I'm using it wrong. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. We've gone the DMM route now. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't at all but it beats Nudge by a long shot.