Devices not updating inventory (Invalid Message - The message could not be parsed)

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I have an issue with all devices not updating inventory. They check in fine, but inventory is not updating.

I'm receiving an error on all of our computers when running sudo jamf recon.

Retrieving inventory preferences from https://xxxxxxxxxxx... There was an error Invalid Message - The message could not be parsed

Has anyone come across this before?




What version of macOS are these systems using?

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I'm seeing this as well here. Running Jamf Pro v10.7.1 (Jamf Cloud) and macOS 10.13.6 (17G65) on a MacBookPro14,2. @marcus.kan were you able to resolve this issue? If so, how?

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I have this issue in JAMF Pro 10.8.0 (also JAMF Cloud). The technician told me to wipe this machine and try again. That is not an acceptable solution. The Mac enrolls, its name gets set to its serial number, but inventory never completes so nothing happens beyond that.

I also cannot make recon save this supposedly mangled XML file for further inspection. I need to see if the verbs have changed, but I tried this twice without success:

sudo jamf recon -verbose -saveformto /Users/usernameredacted/jamf_recon_local_copy.xml

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@ponyboy The options may be case-sensitive. Per jamf help recon it looks like it's sudo jamf recon -saveFormTo {directory}

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Thank you, @dan-snelson ! The help actually doesn't specify that that should be a directory instead of a filename. Maybe now I have what JAMF needs to sort out this issue.

FWIW the output from this validates via xmllint as valid syntax. Not sure what DTD I should check it further against, but it's a helpful clue. Thanks again.