Ideas for triggering and executing a policy

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I have leveraged a script pulled from Jamf Nation to have a machine set its time based on its location, the script works great and does exactly what I need it to do. The problem I am experiencing is that I cannot come up with a trigger or frequency to set it to.

If I set the trigger to be at the recurring check in with an execution of once per computer that works fine, but when the condition of a rebuild comes around (frequently in my line of work) someone will have to flush the policy log. Having to flush the log introduces a human into the mix which leaves room for error.

If I set the trigger to recurring and execution to ongoing my logs will blow up and cause the cloud JSS to choke.

I'd like to use some sort of smart group enumeration but there is no option for such a thing and I do not see how that could work well anyway.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what combinations of switches and levers I could try?

Thank you.


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Enable the following System Setting:

Re-enrollment -> Clear policy logs on computers. 

That will clear all policy logs when ever a computer is re-enrolled and allow "Once per Computers" policies to run again.