Ipads are not pulling config profiles

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Pretty much as the title states (I have opened a ticket with support this morning just in case).


Here's what I know

5 ipads migrated to jamf pro in the last week

config profiles are not being pulled

there is a pending "device update" command

All device records in Jamf (e.g. apps, management) are simply blank

These ipads are in ABM, and are assigned to jamf pro

I have successfully migrated <10 other ipads within the last week and had no problems

Initially, these devices were not erased from jamf Now and were still checking into JN despite being assigned and pulling info from JP

No amount of factory resets changes anything



Any thoughts/ideas/pointers from the community?



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If other devices in Jamf Pro are working as expected on the same network, then the issue is unlikely to be push cert or a firewall issue, etc.  If it were me I would try the following, in this order...


  1. Delete the device records in Jamf Pro for each affected device.
  2. Un-assign, save, wait 10 min, then re-assign each device to Mobile Device PreStage enrollment and save.
  3. Plug the devices into a Mac running Apple Configurator for Mac
  4. Restore iPad devices to the current version of iPadOS
  5. Do not proceed to Step 6 if it has been less than 5-10 min since completing step 2.
  6. Prepare iPad devices selecting Automated Enrollment (optionally enable content caching & internet sharing)
  7. Complete un-skipped Setup Assistant panes on device

Once that process is complete, assigned apps & profiles should be installed on the device & Jamf Pro will create new device records.


That should do the trick.

I've done all of this except apple configurator. I was hoping to avoid it

were you able resolve this issue?

I have an iPad that doing the same thing.