Issues with DEP

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We are having a bit of issues with a new batch on macbooks and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this.

We purchased a batch of laptops from a new supplier, they have been registered to our DEP account and the serial numbers appear in the jss assigned to the pre stage. When I unbox one and boot it on the network the jss lists it as assigned in the pre stage scope but no configs are pushed and it doesn't appear in the computer inventory. If I take the same laptop and restore a base image of 10.12.2 and reboot everything kicks off fine. This kinda defeats the point of DEP as our goal is to be able to drop ship leaps to users and have them auto config.

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It sounds like the computer is not reaching Apple and/or being told to contact your Pro server. This will happen during Setup Assistant after you give the computer a Wi-Fi connection, or after creating a user if the computer is hard wired. You know it's connect when you get the Configuration Available screen which will look similar to this:


You mentioned it being assigned a prestage configuration so it sounds like the computer is not able to talk to Apple and/or your Pro server. Is communication pretty open where the Mac is? You can reference this Jamf article for more info on which ports to open up.

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We have a similar issue. This is only happening on new MacBook & MacBook Pro's with USB-C.

Mac's are assigned to a PreStage, but we don't get the enrolment page during the setup assistant, so the Mac never enrols into the JSS.

All other Mac's work as expected.

What USB-C to Ethernet adapters is everyone using? Or is a wireless connecting being used?

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@jsova I think I may be able to shed some light on your issue. I just posted this but the two may be related. Are you able to tell me if when you say you "unbox one", does that mean that it already has been assigned a pre-stage enrollment before you boot it up and connect it to your network? Let me know and I can explain (it's kind of long winded). Thanks!