Jamf Connect not creating new accounts on v2.31/2.32

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My ADE configuration installs Jamf Connect in the pre-stage enrolment, so that when the setup wizard is exited the user is presented with the JC login screen, and can sign in through IdP.

Jamf Connect creates the account, as there's no account creation done during the ADE setup.


This works fine with JC v2.28, however when recently trying to enable the auto-update of JC, and installing v2.31 (and again since then v2.32) the same configuration no long works, and an account is not created.

The JC screen will accept credentials, prompt for MFA, and then loop back around to the login screen.


Using PingFederate as the IdP, and therefore OIDC connection within the JC setup.


Anyone had a similar issue? How did you resolve it?
I can't see anything on the release notes for known issues, or resolved issues in previous versions that might point towards the root cause.

I do have a case open with Jamf Support for this, but also wondered if the community might have some first hand experience of the same/a similar problem!


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I should have added - if I login with the administrator account created during the ADE Pre-stage, and then create a local account with the same username, JC will sign in successfully to this account if using v2.31, and v2.32.


So, it does point towards something to do with account creation, rather than anything else