JAMF Helper screen and first run script question

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Hi Folks,

I am seeing something a little strange that I have seen in the past, not sure if there is a work around.

We have a NetBoot server that we netbook to.

When we finish imaging and reboot to the local hard drive, I have several packages to install including Adobe applications and many more. Typically, when this reboot has happened, the JAMF Helper screen would appear indicating that Casper Imaging is finishing the installation process and the first run script would launch.

What is happening is; the reboot occurs, then the Temporary Adobe ID logins, the desktop appears and nothing else happens. The first run script doesn't launch and the JAMF Helper screen doesn't appear. I wait for a few minutes to see if they launch, but nothing happens.

I reboot the client, the JAMF Helper screen appears and the first run script launches.

The question, why do I have to reboot the Mac a second time BEFORE this all happens? Are you seeing this? Should I have a reboot command in there somewhere else? I cannot afford to babysit our Macs to verify this is all working.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Best to look at log files for that. /var/log/jamf.log would be the first one. You should be able to open /Applications/Utilities/Console and look at the jamf log when the Adobe account is up. Might be worth watching it for a minute - I wonder if your setup IS being done, but you are just rebooting so you see the helper screen. If the jamf binary is being upgraded or something, then you'll loose the jamfHelper full screen, but work is still being done silently. I've seen that happen when an older version of Casper Imaging is used.

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Thank you @thoule I will look into this a bit more.

You mentioned the older Casper imaging. I have the JSS on version 9.92.1466020067 but I have Casper imaging at 9.92, not sure if there is a difference.

Interestingly, when I remove some packages to determine is the sequence in my packages are causing issues, the first run script stuff works fine. I bet I have an offending package somewhere.


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Do you use AutoDMG to make your OS installers? This has come up a few times in the Slack team and elsewhere… I've found that manually kicking off the jamfHelper is the only way to get it to work consistently when using AutoDMG.

I wrote up a little post about it… you can throw a script calling the jamfHelper in a payload-free package and put it in your imaging configuration:
Getting the Casper Imaging Splash Screen Back when using AutoDMG

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Something else worth noting, for better feedback during imaging… you can use LoginLog rather than the splash screen (since it doesn't kick off consistently anyway, no biggie) to see what's holding up imaging. It may just be that one thing is happening very slowly.


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Thanks @emily I am going to look into this tomorrow morning first thing. I appreciate the input. I have a script in place that does what you suggested above and it seems to work, most of the time.

The LoginLog looks interesting and I am going to test it out tomorrow.


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Thanks @emily creating a package as per your details works splendidly, plus loving the Suspicious Package app!