Jamf Pro 10.1.0

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As of this morning, we have removed the ability to download Jamf Pro 10.1.0 from Jamf Nation. There are certain scenarios where mobile device smart groups are not calculated properly in environments that use sites.

If you have already upgraded to Jamf Pro 10.1.0 and are using sites, please reach out to your support representative. We will have a fix and updated version posted to Jamf Nation as soon as possible.


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Ah so this is why a lot of our smart groups started to lose their members as the devices submitted a inventory report

Steady stream of "Device X has been removed from the group All iPhones acxross all sites"

Fingers crossed for a fix soon

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Is it possible for me to get the 10.1.0 JAMF Admin.app

I upgraded my JAMF Pro server this morning, and just now got around to grabbing the updated JAMF Admin.app, but now it's not available.

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Question: I reached out to my Buddy, but they're out. I can't get into My Assets today. @jake - related?

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@scottb I am reaching out to you directly to assist.

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Has the Jamf Pro 10.1.0 Admin app been mad unavailable just temporarily is that what I am seeing on Here? I was just looking for it after the upgrade on our hosted site which JMAF upgraded earlier than expected.

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I could also do with a download of the admin apps as I upgraded to 10.1 before it was pulled. I've emailed my buddy but have yet to hear back.

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@Zaitan - the apps are there now, at least for me.

Thanks much @tim.hartzel for your help last week!

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More internal testing before release please. There's a reason I wait months AT LEAST to upgrade. Hell, I'm still loving my 9.99 version.

I'd love to have more confidence in new releases.