Jamf Pro 10.37.2 is now available

Update 4/2/22
Thank you for your patience as we continued to monitor and work through the Spring Framework vulnerability. Jamf Pro 10.37.2, which includes the patched version of the spring framework, is now generally available. 
To learn more about new features and additional information in this release please read full release notes here.
Cloud Upgrade Schedule
Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will be updated to Jamf Pro 10.37.2 based on your hosted data region below.
Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.
Hosted Region
Apr 3 at 1400 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 3 at 1500 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 3 at 2000 UTC
Apr 4 at 0600 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 4 at 0600 UTC
us-east-1 sandbox/us-west-2-sandbox
Apr 3 at 2230 UTC
Apr 4 at 0830 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 4 at 1200 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 4 at 1300 UTC
Next Steps
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For information on what's new in Jamf Pro 10.37.2, please review the release notes.
We have decided to reschedule the cloud upgrade for Jamf Pro 10.37.1 that was scheduled for this weekend. The recently-discovered Spring Framework vulnerability is a critical issue and the safety of our customers is guiding our decisions. We are continuing to assess the impact and mitigate the vulnerability across our platform (tracked as PI-109985). 
Although we have no evidence of any direct risk to our products, we are operating out of an abundance of caution. Delaying this cloud upgrade will allow us to incorporate a fix for the vulnerability and to minimize downtime for our customers as much as possible. We will send out communication as soon as we have a Jamf Pro 10.37.2 upgrade schedule in place. 
Premium Cloud customers are encouraged to reach out to their Jamf account team to schedule any desired future upgrades. Again, we will communicate when Jamf Pro 10.37.2 is generally available. 
Thank you for your patience as we continue to monitor the situation. For additional details, please see this Jamf Nation post. If you have other questions, please reach out to Customer Success for assistance. 

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@kaylee_carlson - Thank you.  Question: should the cloud instances be on 10.37.0 now?  I must have missed something as mine are on 10.36.1?


FYI - When you suddenly change your upgrade schedule from a Saturday to a Sunday with a 13 hour window (us-east-1) that REALLY screws up those with global workforces in APAC/APJ and EMEA! The April 1st comm says "no evidence of any direct risk to our products" and the April 2nd update doesn't say anything besides including a new Spring framework. If your product is not affected then why suddenly reschedule to a Sunday night?! 🙄 If it is/was affected that should be made known, otherwise couldn't this have wait until next Saturday?

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To bounce off of what @brunerd stated above, I'd like to get a more direct statement from Jamf if this upgrade actually addressed a vulnerability in the Jamf Pro product, or if this inclusion of the new Spring framework was done as a precaution only. IOW, how critical is it that we upgrade post haste? We really need to know these things so we can schedule our upgrade accordingly. And I'm not asking if we should or shouldn't upgrade at some point. But it's the difference between a standard change and an emergency change for many organizations and there is a big difference between how those 2 types of changes are submitted. For the latter we often have to provide direct evidence of the need for such an ECHG, usually something from the vendor. Can you help us out here? Was Jamf Pro affected by this or not? It's just so unclear. Not what I expect from a leader in the industry.

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Found with the new version, when I click on the caret to expand a policy, if a script is the first or only thing to be listed in the detail, the policy doesn't really expand to show the detail. There is a thin darker line that underlines the policy, and when I click the caret again the dark line goes away, but the policy never displays the details. Now if it starts with a pkg or a Run UNIX command, it will expand, but no scripts.


Didn't even see this, but I don't use that all the time.  Confirmed, but not in all cases.  As below, it's showing the problem. Only the package shows in the drop-down view:




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I can confirm I have the same issue.

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I can confirm as well. I just updated our test Jamf environment to 10.37.2 and I'm seeing similar behavior. It seems to happen on policies that just have a script as the payload as mentioned. Odd bug. It's not a showstopper, but it would be nice to see this get addressed since it seems like a silly issue.

Just to add: I have a decent amount of policies that ONLY have a script in them, so for me this problem is quite pronounced. I'd say around 65-70% of my policies aren't expanding in the main policy view.

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Yep, we're seeing the issue too. I don't see it as fixed in 10.38.0 or 10.38.1, so figuring the dev team are still working on getting it fixed yet, not urgent for us.